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John & Diana live on Mt. Yonah in Cleveland, Georgia where God has placed them at this strategic time in their lives.  It was while John was a student at Truett McConnell University, located in Cleveland, that John and Diana met in 1968.  They have two grown children, Joseph and Christina - married to Stephen Lafont.  We have four grandchildren 2 from Joseph (Kalen 18 & Tanner 12) and two  from Christina and Stephen (Bailey 13 & Charliegh 11).

Diana Henry Yarbrough

Diana is enjoying her role as wife, daughter, mother, and GRANDMOTHER.  We live close to her mother, her sister, and Joseph's (our son) family.  Our daughter and her family are about 3 hours away.

Diana loves spending time with her family.  After 40 years of living away from family, she is now near her hometown of Gainesville.  

When you go to our family section you will see pictures of the family and updates from time to time. 

You will find Diana on Facebook and she would love to be your friend and have you follow her. 


John O. Yarbrough

John is currently on a new journey as he has formally retired and is ready to enjoy a different pace for his life and ministry.

John will continue to do some things for Truett McConnell University.  He is a 1969 alumnus of Truett, has served on their board of trustees, and enjoys serving the institution that has played such a large role in his life.

He works and continues to be very active in the Religious Freedom movement in Georgia, teaches in the Master's program at TMU from time to time, and of course, preaches whenever he has the opportunity.


He loves serving as Interim Pastor to assist churches in transition.  He has served 15 churches as an Interim Pastor.


John's commitment to the Lord is that he will preach as long as God gives him the opportunity and strength.



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