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We will update these Q&As as we have more questions asked. Thank you for caring enough to ask.


How can I pray for John's ministry and stay informed concerning opportunities?

Use the contact form on this site.  John is developing a list for a monthly email blast that will share concerns, events and needs with friends that have said they would pray.  

You can also sign on to Facebook and request to be a freind of on John or John Yarbrough Ministry page or Diana Yarbrough's page.  He and Diana post almost everyday on Facebook.

You can follow John on Twitter.  He post on twitter often, but general not every day.

How do I get John to come to our church?

John asks that the Pastor or a staff member contact him by email or phone.  In the absence of a Pastor in a church, John asks that a committee chairman or chairman of deacons contact him.

How much does it cost to get John to come to speak?

John has no set fee, the group can do whatever they feel is right considering their size and the event.  He general requests that the group (church or other) cover his expenses.  If that is a problem and he has the date available he will come at his own expense.  

How can I support John's Ministry?

Pray is the primary way you can support the minitry of John Yarbrough


Invite and recommend others to invite John to speak or teach.


John Yarbrough Ministries is the process of becoming a 501c3 chartiable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  John's ministry of preaching, assisting churches and of Christian Activism in the government arena are conducted with set fee.  John will go anywhere to preach or serve without an set fees.  Funds giving to John Yarbrough Ministries enable John to go whereever the doors are open for him to serve.



What are the kids doing?

Joseph (our son) and his wife Beth have two of our grandchildren (Kalen -10 and Tanner - 3).  Joseph working from home on a business that he and Beth have that makes custom signs for homes, Joseph is also seeking God's direction for serving on a church staff working with students or/and small group ministries.  Beth serves with a CapinCruse in Atlanta as an administrative assistant to one of the partners.  They live about 12 miles from us in Demorest, Georgia and we get to see them often.


Christian (our daughter) and her husband Stephen LaFont live in Charlotte, North Carolina where Stephen has a international tool business.  Christina left Lifeway after 17 years to be a stay at home mom.  They have adopted two of our beautiful grandkids Bailey 4 and Charliegh 2.

What is Diana doing?

Being a grandmother, mother, daughter, wife and sister. 



This Prayer list will be updated from time to time.

1. Pray for our transition from Pastor to College staff

2. Pray for our health.  God has blessed us both with good health

3. Pray that we will do what God wants us to do with this phase of our lives.

4. Pray for the adoption process with Christina and Stephen

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