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These are additional endorsements

I was privileged to have John as part of the team for the Implementation Task for the restructuring of the Southern Baptist Convention in just before entering into the 21st century.  While I had known of him I saw first-hand his heart for Christ, His church and the Southern Baptist Convention.  He consistently showed great judgment, team spirit, concern for people and a passion for Kingdom mission and evangelism.

For those reasons I quickly invited him onto the leadership team of the North American Mission Board when I was invited to become its founding president.  I was honored to work with John daily for another nine years as he served as VP of Evangelism.  He was constantly pursuing fresh ways to help Christians share Christ, strategies for aiding churches to become strong evangelistic centers, and encouraging leaders of all ages to be on mission right where they were, giving Christ away to those who had not found Him yet.

For years now John has been one of my closest friends and I have seen him over decades practice integrity, authenticity, a heart for people and never settle for the status quo but always strive for improvement, growth and results.  I have been thankful that when he left his leadership role at the North American Mission Board God led him to Truett-McConnell University to invest into the upcoming generation of leaders.  They have been fortunate to have him.

God bless you, John, as you move toward the next season of your journey with Christ and serving him consistently!


Dr. Bob Reccord

Former President of The North American Mission Board, SBC

Nationally known speaker, writer and leader

As someone honored to minister alongside Dr. Yarbrough for more than a decade, I have watched a man with a pastor’s heart, a theologian’s mind, and an evangelist’s call. The Lord has worked through Dr. Yarbrough for more than five decades, and He has raised him up with a prophetic voice for today.


Dr. Emir Caner

Presdient, Truett McConnell University







John Yarbrough is an effective and anointed preacher of the gospel.  He has been the pastor of dynamic churches and has held important denominational positions.  He has a message that needs to be heard.

Dr. Bailey Smith (deceased 2018)

Former President of the Southern Baptist Convention


John is one of the rare leaders who possesses great leadership skills and pastoral skills at the same time.  He models the servant-leader described in the teachings of Christ.  He is a gifted communicator who is a great encourager to the pastor and his congregation.  He would benefit any pastor who desires to develop a strategic plan for his church.

Larry Wynn

Vice President for Church Revitalization & Leadership

The Georgia Baptist Mission Board

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