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John and Diana continue to serve...

John's priority at this point in his ministry is to leave a legacy by finishing the race and touching lives. He enjoys the continued opportunity to serve churches and leads through his preaching, teaching, conferences and his work as a Christian Activist to impact the culture.

As a Christian Activist

Because of the secularization of culture, the decay of moral values, and the attack on people of faith, John has become a very active registered Lobbyist seeking the advancement of Religious Freedom, the issue of the protection of Life (from the womb to the tomb), family rights, traditional families, education, morals, etc.


He can be found in meetings, at events, communicating with leaders, and in the hall of government to communicate with elected officials at every level. 



John is available to preach for churches, Baptist groups, and evangelical gatherings.  With more than 50 years experience, John brings a strong Biblically centered message with life application for the 21st century.

John has preached for more than 750 churches, colleges, seminaries, associations, state & national conventions, conferences and business gatherings.

He is available for pulpit supply, interim pastorates, revivals or special events.

Contact him for dates and information.


Finishing Life Well, 

John has done leadership and planning conferences for more than 45 years.  He works with church leaders, staff, congregations, or businesses seeking to apply a Biblical worldview to leadership and strategy development

As a "baby boomer" himself, John has developed a conference and is doing some writing to assist Christ Followers to, "Finish Life Well." How do we leave a legacy and finish the race (life) with victory?

Marriage and Family

John and Diana have been married for more than 49 years and have raised two children who are following Christ. Now grand parenting 4 young grandchildren.  They have conducted marriage and/or family conferences for churches, associations and pastor/wife groups.

More than 30 years ago John and Diana had to face a real challenge in their marriage and were forced to evaluate their marriage in light of the teaching of the Bible.  As a results of this challenge, John and Diana developed a strong, growing relationship that is centered in Biblical application.   They love to teach couple how to stick and stay together while building a family based on God's Word rather than culture.


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