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As one American Christian, husband, father and grandfather, I needed to say something so here it is.

I will not enter the gun debate. I own guns, I am licensed to carry guns, I hunt and I take training to know how to use a gun. However, the gun debate keeps us from dealing with the core issues that are causing the challenges we are facing with school shootings, police being targeted in our streets, a congress that can’t do their job because of the devisive spirit among them, a nation divided by more things than I could list in a reasonable amount of time, a loss of any moral code, a sexual revolution that overturned any resemblance of marriage fidelity, redefinition of marriage, the collapse of the family, the secularization of our society, the failure of the church to impact the culture, we have pushed faith out of the public square and in general values that once formed the foundation of our society have been eroded or destroyed.

Why did boys once go hunting before school and leave their guns in the corner of the classroom or their car and never thought about harming anyone? Why did police officers once walk the streets with no fear? Why did political leaders once think more about the next generation than the next election? Why was Sunday once a day respected for worship and rest? Why did families once have reunions? What happened that made marriage less necessary? Why was it once wrong to abort an unborn child? When did America stop being a melting pot and become a mosaic? Are these old fashion and outdated concepts? When did the "Good Book" become a bad book or just another book?

Why has what was once wrong now become “normal” behavior?

The America I was born and raised in is far different than the America where I am living my last days. It is not gun control or self-control or more government control we need. WE MUST SEE A GREAT SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and it begins with a REVIVAL in the church!


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